It’s 2am and I have to be up in seven hours. I’m happy to be back in school. It’s been a great couple of days. I hate Facebook. Seriously. It is so fucking fake. I’m friends with people on there from the past. Which is exactly where I should have left them. People are only concerned with getting their friends number up. I know who truly cares about me because they are the only people who comment on a regular basis. The rest are shit. I need to back the fuck off of there for a while. On the real.

I want to cry but the tears won’t come. I feel like I have a new beginning but someone whom I love is dying. The yin and the yang. I ate five slices of pizza today and I didn’t work out. I could care less about it. I haven’t had pizza in so long! It was a great indulgence.

I am so over my roommate and her self-created dramas. Her car got impounded and she wants me to lend her 300 bucks to get it out. It’s only been in there one day. I doubt it even costs that much to get it out of there. Her and her loser boyfriend that she has to constantly give money to. She’s sleeping on the couch right now because she has no bed in her room. That gets old. Plus the bitch got paid yesterday and she has no money. Jesus. The worst part is that I make so much less than she does and she has the balls to ask me for money. The good news is that my background check cleared for that apartment and I’m going next week to take a look at it. I feel bad because I know if I move out she’ll be screwed but I really can’t take the bullshit anymore.

I’m tired. I guess I should sleep now. Fuck I want some pot. I could have smoked at 11 and went to bed then.

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