Today I lifted up my shirt and I noticed for the first time I’ve lost weight. I actually saw it. It’s one thing for people to tell you, quite another for you to see it for yourself. I do notice that my face is a lot thinner. I’m really pleased as I have been working my ass off. I’m bummed that the weather is gonna get worse and I’ll have to go back to the gym. I hate working out at the gym. It’s so boring. I love being out in nature. Staring at the trees and the sky. Daydreaming. Plotting my next writing project.

Oh, I got financial aid! I’m so relieved! I really need to be in school. It starts on Monday. I’m taking a full course load. I’m excited to be in school after such a long procrastination. But I’m doing it for Barbara. And for me.

The man told me that he may have good news regarding a hip-hop writing project that I can be in on. I’m so excited but the last time he mentioned getting me on a radio show to discuss music, he failed to follow thru. So we’ll see what happens.

It’s funny that with Barbara dying that a bunch of new things are starting to happen in my life. Maybe it’s true what they say. The lord doesn’t close a door without opening a window.

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