Sometimes a fat girl needs options. And none of these options include food. I have to say going for walks most days feels great. Let’s hope that the weather holds up, then it’s back to the gym and the treadmill. Working out at the gym is not as inspiring as working out outside. The thing about living in Seattle is that the time where your able to workout outdoors is limited to a couple of months a year. My trainer will be happy to see me back at the gym though. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t been calling me since I haven’t been in there since July. But I told him I hike and walk outdoors so if he didn’t see me that’s what I would be doing.

The September issue of Vogue came the other day. I love Vogue! I love the fashion. It’s like a big wish book. If I was thin and rich I would just flip the pages and circle what I wanted. I just buy cheaper versions of what’s in its pages. I have to say that fashion is a huge motivator for me and losing the weight. Being able to dress exactly the way I want as opposed to be restricted to what is in the big girl stores. To actually look good in skinny jeans, a trend that I have been ignoring due to my fatness. Actually I have been ignoring a lot of trends. I don’t think I have been shopping in a while. I’ve been broke too, but that is because I spend my money going shows. I need music more than I need things!

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