I didn’t go for a walk today. I figured I needed a day off from walking many days in a row. I love walks. They really clear my head, plus I just zone out on my I-pod and the two miles go right on by without my barely noticing it.

I haven’t been thinking of the boy too much. It still sucks to get Facebook updates but I only comment when it pertains to Hip-Hop. Which is my first love y’all. I can’t get him to notice me because he’s so far away. I just felt this serious connection when we met. I love saying his name, how it rolls off my tongue. Everything about dude is off the hook. I haven’t even met any other man half as interesting. And I’ve dated other guys, but no one like him. These feelings have been going off and on for three years and now that we’re friends on Facebook. They’ve started up again. And he doesn’t even give me any reason too! Shit is crazy. I need to go fuck someone immediately!

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