Once a junkie always a junkie. With food that is people! So I’ve started to notice that all my clothes are loose and baggy! Yay! To be honest I still eat McDonald’s too. But I’ve been working out like crazy so I guess it balances it out. Plus my drink of choice is water. I still sneak a coke in here and there though. So now that my none of my clothes fit I guess it’s time to go shopping. The problem with that is I’m totally broke right now. And I don’t want to buy too much stuff cuz I know I will go down even more and those clothes will become baggy. I should just live in the moment though and not get to ahead of myself. When I get ahead of myself the weight always seems to come back.

As for the boy, well things are getting easier. I guess. I’m still in love and it’s completely irrational and against my better judgement but I am. I hate being friends with him on Facebook. It’s totally fucking lame. Every time he updates his status I get annoyed. I just can’t believe he’s never cut me off. And I of course take it as a sign that he likes me rather than face the fact that he just has one more friend. I hate how people collect friends on there. Some people have a thousand. I’m like there’s no way you even know each and every one of those people. Dude has like 700. But he’s a well know hip-hop journalist so there you go. I just want to discuss writing and hip-hop and he won’t even do that. Sometimes I get a feeling that he doesn’t even think I’m for real on that level. Whatever, who knows what dude thinks when he won’t even talk to me. See y’all? Crazy!

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